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Spicing up our NG page...

2008-09-18 11:34:21 by VortixGamesStudio

So we uploaded our last game and it got a daily 3rd place. Wow I thought... we actually did it. We were aware of NG for a long time. I used to lurk here a lot, but our plans of investing in online and flash gaming looked far at the time.

Time made it so that we started to develop flash games sooner than we expected and we uploaded our first "kid" here. It was the first time I thought "wow, what a handful of good feedback. We could create another game just with this."

We posted a multiplayer experiment and did we get trashed! One has to understand the indiosyncrasies of a community to make the best of it. That and not uploading experiments outside the NGAlphas area...

Our third "kid" was uploaded right after release at the sponsor site. I had a feeling about this game due to the interest it pulled but was I in for a surprise. By the time I was booting the PC up, Atomik Kaos had won a daily 3rd place and I couldn't wait to wake my partners and tell them.

"What can we do to repay the help in NG? What about spicing up our presence there?" We had no logos, no nothing but the games. Se we created NG versions of our logo and spiced up the homepage. I voted on some nice works, added a review to a great game and finally started to write this.

What can I say more? People like being well received and treated, so I guess we are just trying to give back to the NG community a bit of what we got here. We hope you continue to appreciate, criticize, review, vote and help us be a better development studio with better games. Thanks!


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2008-09-18 14:11:22

Winning a Newgrounds Award for the first time is a rewarding experience, it's true. To give back to the community here you could do such things from posting previews of your next work in progress to posting on the Newgrounds Forum to participating in Flash Contests or giving Actionscript Help.

People appreciate it when you are more than just another flash artist. Also your Logo is pretty neat.

VortixGamesStudio responds:

Thanks for reading. I'll tell the guy that drew the logo of your thoughts (if he hasn't read it already. :)) and thank you for the tips. A community this big is somewhat overwhelming but I'll do what you say and see what happens.


2008-09-21 16:36:32

You guys are doing great! Keep these fine games coming.

VortixGamesStudio responds:

Wow. :) Thanks!